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Everybody has to face bad days in their life. Some face ailments, some face fears, some face poverty, some face helplessness etc etc. No one can escape from it. It is a rule of life. Two things always combines together like joy and sadness, laugh and cry, health and illness, profit and loss, morning and night, confidence and inferiority complex, victory and failure likewise good days and bad days.

You know what is the biggest advantage of bad days? You come to know GOD. What is God? What he can do? He is so friendly, understanding, loving and moreover God is the Superman he can do anything in a second. Yes true he can do anything. He is the only light in darkness. God is so merciful he always forgives and never complaint whether you ignore him many times that is why according to me God is the only best and faithful friend who never cheats.

When bad days come a person first of all cannot understand what is going on, why me? But after sometimes he realises his strength and start doing every single thing to come out of it. And he comes out though that journey is very painful, when you once crossed it you will find your journey very meaningful, you will feel like as your rebirth. You have totally changed your thoughts, your perception, and you can understand life better. You get the meaning of your life. In short you start becoming wise.

The biggest lesson of life during bad days according to me is that a person becomes spritual and a giver which he wasn't before. Life means to creat it. First think what you want in your life then start giving the same think. This is one of the most important thing I have learnt in my life. You want love then start spreading it, you want money then start giving to needy, you want happiness then start doing all things which give happiness. Everything is in your hand you only need to give first. If don't have everything then give or share what you have. Still you feel you have nothing to share then give smile. You can't imagine that your smile can do wonder for someone. So start smiling from today onwards.

The most beautiful lesson I have learnt in my life is that If you are in pain then remember one thing: time is though hard but it would be the best time of your life. You know why we have to face hard days? Did you think about it? No!!!! Ok I will tell you. We always forget two unforgettable things. First is God and second is family. Nowadays money is everything. Money is important, in fact very important but it is not a life so why to spend whole life in earning money. When will we live? What you can do now you can't do it tomorrow so don't let the day pass without enjoying.

One thing I must share with you is that if you want to grow and learn more than you know, then do whatever you want to do but beyond your comfort zone. Always try to think that I can, then nothing is impossible for you. Difficulty is in the mind not in work.You know one thing when we accept life as it comes or we accept that everything happens for a reason or for our betterment. Believe me you will find your hard days as an adventure but you need to trust God and at the end you will find yourself a winner.

I hope you like it. Love you all and God bless you all with healthy wealthy long life and good destiny.

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