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July 7 2018

It was the second day of our summer holiday. I felt good. I felt I am free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Zhongshan. So I live alone but I don't feel lonely. But I didn't do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an Englishdaily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry.

July 10 2018

I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game.


July 14 2018

Today I found time was a cruel thing. Whatever man is, time always goes on. It won't stay to wait for somebody. You can't use anything to exchange time. Time is also a fair thing. Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation, time won't leave them more. Today I found I hadn't enough time. Although I have more than a-month holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do. I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time.


July 24 2018

I have rested for 10 days. In these days, I felt very bored. I didn't know to do what. Although I had a lot of things to do, I felt uncomfortable. I was ill because of the hot weather. I was tired, sleepy and had no strength. My parents are worried about my health. in fact, it didn't matter. I was always in the room with air-conditioner and opened it in a low temperature. So when I went out, the high temperature disagreed to me.At last, I was ill.


August 6 2018

It was sunny today. I was excited. I got up at a quarter to seven. I made a appointment to meet at nine o'clock. After I had my breakfast, I went to the Wanjia Market . It was hot outside. When I arrived, my friends didn't arrive. I waited for him in front of the KFC's door. I haven't seen them for a year. And in a year, we didn't come into contact with others frequently. About ten minutes left, my friends arrived one by one. After we greeted,we went to play basketball in Liwan Gymnasium. The match last for tow hours.Oh!I fill very happy today!


August 7 2018

Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn't see them in the future. I think next year we won't make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare the new term's new subject.I know, it is the most important for us now.


August 17 2018

Today, I still went to my mother's office. My mother was very busy, so was my father. They always live in Beijing. They must get up early. Because they will manage the factory. So I know they are very laborious. So I should save my money. Also I should help them. Although I can't do something useful, but I think I should share the work with them. I am one of my family member. In the future, I will take a job and work. It' time for me to begin to learn how to work.


August 18 2018

I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn't go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven't enough time to play, to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go, we will get the real life which belongs to us.


August 19 2018

I have stayed in Shanghai alone for a week. It's time for me to go to my real home—it is in Beijing. My parents are waiting for me. Although outside is no matter how beautiful, Beijing is still my home. In fact, there is many fresh things. Like red bayberries. In the afternoon, I took a bus to Beijing. I was very unlucky that my mp3 was stolen. I was very sad. I didn't know why thieves went to steal other's things. Why don't they hunt for a job? I don't why! I hope there is no thief in our motherland.


August 20 2018

The screen of my father's mobile telephone is broken. When you open the mobile telephone, the screen is always white with light. You can't see from the screen. And my father is a businessman. He needed a new one. So my father and I went to the electrical appliance shop. There are many new kinds of mobile telephones. At first, my father chose a Sumsung one. But all the telephones have sold out.Finally, my father chose a Motorola one.


August 3 , 2018

I didn't feel very well today .after lunch , i felt my belly pain . so i went to hosipital with my mother .after had some medicine ,by the way ,it's so bitter ,i had a break . i feel it's serious to be ill .so everyone should take care of itself .healthy is an thing that so important to us . how i wish nobody in the world would get ill any more ! and i make my mind to be a doctor to help the person who are ill , i'll never make the patient feel pain any longer. how i wish my dream could come true!


August 6 , 2018

today i was very happy . in the morning , i did some cleaning .i wash cllothes for my parents and clean furniture and floor .i didn't know hoe tired my mom was untill now . i will help my mother do more housework in the near future .then a friend of mine came to visit me ,we were talking for a long time .after lunch ,i had a break. in the afternoon ,i went to saw my grangpa with my brother . we really have a great time . in the evening , i played cards as well as watched tv with my family .it's really an excting day .


August 10 , 2018

It was too hot today .the sunshine was very strong .even if i sit under the fan ,i still feel hot . and i was very fretting because of i felt very empty . my summer hoiday doesn't seems to be meaningful . i stay at home every day and doesn't do anything but play computer . it's so meaningless. the summer holiday is half finished ,however, i haven't do anything meaningful . it was too bad for me .i think i need to do something special to make my holiday be more colurful .


August 12 , 2018

It was a beautiful day . some birds were singing on the trees and the sky looks very blue .the clouds gathered suggest it was a suuny day today .i got up early in the morning at about six . then i did some morning exercises .after breakfast ,i helped my mother plant some flowers .at noon , Xiaojie sended me SMS . she saied that she planed to go to Shangdong Province to have a visit and asked me if i want to go with her .i think it's really a good idea . i plan to go with her after finished my homework . i can't wait !


August 15 ,2018

It was nothing speacial has happened today . i got up late as usual and had lunch at about 11 o'clock . then played computer games with my brother . at first ,i can't played very well so i asked my brother to teach me . after 1 hour , i can play it myself . but i found computer games were so interesting in the afternoon , my mother told me we'll go to my uncle's home at 21th to see my uncle .And at about 7 o'clock ,my father come back home after work . after super , both of my family are go out to have a walk .


August 16 ,2018

It was a sunny day and it's not very hot .i didn't get up until 9 o'clock in the morning .because i went to bed late yesterday .after i got up ,i felt very hungry . i ate up all the food that my mother cooked for me .it's so delicious . my uncle bought my grandma a cellphone today , but she didn't know how to use it .so after lunch i went to see my grandma to taught her how to use the cellphone . it was really a hard work , she is too old to remember so many things. finially, i just let her know the simpliest thing ,such as how to dial and hang up the phone .i'll teach her inthe near future .


August 17 ,2018

It was rainy today .in fact , i don't like such days . because i must take an umbrela if i want to go out . i think it's so inconvenient . on the contray , my brother likes rain very much ,he likes play in the water and often go out without umbrella with his friends in rainy days .And they are all become wet from head to foot .i thought it is really a serious thing for me .But i have to say it was much cooler than yesterday because of the rain . my father didn't come back tonight .just because the rain was too heavily . it's dangerous to drive on the road .after supper , i have nothing to do so i went to bad early tonight .


August 18 ,2018

My cousion came back today .i was really very happy .we are always get on well with each other .after lunch ,she suggested me to go shopping with her . we were around a lot of stores and buy so much things . we were really very tired but still very happy . befor supper .we had a talk ,she told me something about her work .she told me how Intense the social competition is .she said it's difficult to servive in the society if we don't work hard . so i decide to stuby hard from now on and i won't make my parents disappiontment .


Today I found time was a cruel thing. Whatever man is, time always goes on. It won't stay to wait for somebody. You can't use anything to exchange time. Time is also a fair thing. Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation, time won't leave them more. Today I found I hadn't enough time. Although I have more than a-month holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do. I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time.

There is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, life will be empty and meaningless. If you wish to know how to get happiness, you must pay attention to the following two points.First, health is the secret of happiness (the key to happiness). Only a strong man can enjoy the pleasure of life.Secondly, happiness consists in contentment. A man who is dissatisfied with his present condition is always in distress.

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